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The natural oil from cedar wood is environmentally safe. The oil is steamed out of the cedar wood found on ranches from previous clearing operations for livestock grazing. There are no chemicals involved in the process. Our refined cedar oil Products have the authentic cedar fragrance, just as it is in nature. Cedar wood has been used for 1000's of years as one of the mother nature's own insect repellents. Texas cattle fences are built with cedar post which naturally resist decay and pest infestation for 50 years or more. The Cedars of Lebanon were used to build King Solomon's' Tomb. The Egyptians used papaya leaves soaked in cedar oil in the mummification of their dead. Our pioneering forefathers used cedar sawdust on the floors of their cabins to rid them from countless pests. Native Americans would rub their bodies with cedar needles to prevent mosquitoes and other biting bugs from feasting on them.

Our products are tested and proven to not only kill Mosquito's, Flea's & Bed Bugs instantly but is one of the "ONLY PEST CONTROL SUBSTANCE KNOWN TO MAN THAT WILL KILL THE FLEA, ITS EGGS AND LARVEA THE FIRST TIME" PERIOD... and in-fact our Cedar Oil Solutions will go down in history as the most effective insect control ever. Our product was Tested by Iowa State University at the request of the United States Department of Agriculture for the use of the United States Army in Iraq to eliminate the Desert Sand Flea problem that our troops were in countering, which chemicals treatments were either ineffective or causing rashes, and the test results were astonishing, our product was RATED far superior to its chemical counterpart.

Finally a product that is safe and is far superior to any chemicals that you've been using . . . endorsed by the U.S. D.A. leading Scientist Dr. Bradford.

It is globally acknowledged as the most effective Bio-control agent for biting and stinging insects available on the market.

Radiocarbon Analysis on bio based products (PDF, 96KB)

USDA Research Leader Dr. Joe M. Bradford Endorses Agricultural Industry Breakthrough

Chemical-free farming and Cedar oil products were the sole topic of discussion at the recent, closed-door meeting of the USDA in Weslaco, Texas. Doctor Joe M. Bradford PHD, United States Department of Agriculture research leader and soil scientist hosted the historic debut of Cedar oil products recently released for agricultural use. In attendance at the four hour session was noted organic scientist, Malcomb Beck from San Antonio, Ben Oldag from Rosenberg, Lon Musgrove from. Also in attendance was Martin Reiner, CFO of AG Org, Inc.

Weslacos temporarily closed mid valley air terminal re-opened to allow the Cedar oil entourage to land at its facilities located adjacent to the USDA's agricultural research center.

Cedar oil products are the non-chemical alternative to the toxic organophosphates currently found in soils and streams. These harsh chemicals have been linked to cancer and unsatisfactory organ development in children. Organophosphates have been used as pesticides in the production of fruits and vegetables continuously grown and shipped from numerous truck farms located in the lush Rio Grande valley of Texas.

A recent EPA mandate prohibits the use of certain organophosphates and limits the use of others. Dursban, a popular organophosphate used in 801 consumer items, has recently been scheduled for removal from retailer shelves by December of 2001, however Dursban is still available for wide spread use in the agricultural industry.

Twenty years of research using Cedar oil as a subterranean insect repellent was reviewed by Dr. Joe Bradford. "We have destroyed our soils with chemicals" quoted Dr. Bradford. We must now mend them to allow the organic healing to begin. It is an honor to have at my disposal the results of Mr. Malcomb Beck's extensive knowledge of organics and Cedar oil. Mr. Beck is the undisputed and world-renowned expert on the growth of food the natural way, without any chemical assistance.

Current results of Dr. Bradfords organic test plots revealed substantial production increases over chemically grown products. "The use of Cedar oil will further increase production" stated Dr. Bradford. "Cedar oil products are proven to eliminate nematode damage in all applications tested " stated Malcomb Beck. "Nematodes are the biggest predator of the agricultural industry" stated Lon Musgrave of AG ORG, Inc; supplier of organic fertilizers used in Dr. Bradford's ongoing research. The Cedar oil breakthrough for nematode control, without the use of toxic chemicals is the most exciting event to ever happen in the agricultural industry.

Dr. Ben Oldag, Retired Texas Department of Agriculture, endorses Cedar Oil Products for Citrus Rust Mites and Nematode damage to crops costing farmers millions of dollars per year in losses.

My background with over 50 years of experience is entomology and organic scientist. I have hosted my own talk show radio broadcast to the agricultural industry nationwide on farming with out the use of toxic chemicals on weekends for the past 30 years. Retired from the Texas Department of Agriculture.

My first exposure to arthropods was when I was under contract to the Texas Department of Agriculture. Mites and various Arthropods are very common in the Poultry Industry and cause much damage to certain ranchers. My tenure with the TDA passed without any solution to the problem. Working with the US Department of Agriculture in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and stationed at the KIKA DE LA GARZA SUBTROPICAL RESEARCH CENTER, I saw first hand the formulation of a Cedar Oil product used to control the Citrus Rust Mite. We had run the gamete of chemical formulas including sulfur, and never did surface a control agent of any value. What we did find at days end that modified cedar oil provided a100 % mortality in the parasites, when applied to the citrus fruit at adolescent stage using an aqueous solution. This was a mammoth breakthrough for the agriculture industry. Unfortunately, treatment of other type mites other than outside No-See-Um's was not as successful using water based formulations. It was not until C.O.I. (cedar oil industry) formulated Cedar Oil Blend for the United States Army that we again appeared to making further progress in mite control. Our objective was to create a Bio Flea, Tick, Bed Bug, Lice and Mite Control Agent for the parasite issues being experienced by our troops deployed to the Mid East. Here again, the chemicals being used in Iraq for the control of desert sand fleas’ were not only ineffective, they were politically incorrect, dangerous and very carcinogenic, often causing skin rash, nausea and blurred vision. Furthermore, the chemicals were no longer effective as the insects were immune to the substance. After extensive research a carrier composed of silane fluids (melted quartz rock) became available for the ultimate solution. Because the composure of the silane molecule, a compound that enjoys multiple tails, it was possible to attach the cedar oil molecule to the silane carrier and subsequently we were able to deliver the Cedar Oil Blend control solution in humidity size droplets to the mite population. Cedar Oil as the active appears to be the magic needed to get mite populations under control because the formulation was able to get down on their size with the delivery technique.

Testing conducted by Rutgers University

Monday August 17 2009 @ 01:16 PM
Cedar Oil is advertised as a safe, effective insecticide for controlling a variety of public health pests including Bed Bugs. Bed Bug Central and Rutgers University have partnered to put a variety of Bed Bug products to the test. Cedar oil is the first in the series. “Cedar Oil Blend” Cedar oil was chosen due to the claims being made by the manufacture, to the public for use in controlling bed bugs.

Bed Bug Central funded Rutgers University’s, Dr. Changlu Wang to conduct research that examined the effectiveness of “Cedar Oil Blend” cedar oil. The research examined the effectiveness of the cedar oil product on both bugs and eggs that were treated directly with the product as well as the residual effectiveness of the product once dry. This is a brief summary of the research findings.

The product tested was, “Cedar Oil Blend” cedar oil. “Cedar Oil Blend” is a category 25b EPA exempt product that contains 10% cedar oil and 90% latex. The bed bugs used in this research were from a field collected strain.

Direct Spray on Bed Bugs and Eggs.

The direct spray of “Cedar Oil Blend” caused immediate immobilization of the bed bug nymphs, followed by 100% mortality within 1 minute of the topical application. In addition to being 100% effective on bugs directly treated with the product, it also proved to be effective against eggs that were directly treated. None of the 61 treated eggs hatched after 17 days compared to 75% egg hatch in a non-treated control group

The Results showed that “Cedar Oil Blend” is highly effective against bed bugs including eggs when applied directly.

Additional Notes of Interest

We were quite surprised with the findings of this study, particularly when it came to the eggs. This prompted some additional investigation into the effectiveness of the two constituent materials, cedar oil (10%) and latex (90%). No mortality was observed when either generic cedar oil or latex were directly applied to bed bugs. This clearly raises some interesting questions regarding the effectiveness of the “Cedar Oil Blend” cedar oil product. The fact that the each of the constituent ingredients are ineffective when tested alone suggests that there is something unique about the type of cedar oil or latex used by the manufacturer or that there is something about the formulation process that gives the “Cedar Oil Blend” product it’s insecticidal activity.

Rick Cooper noted that Bedlam is one of the only products to have ovicidal effects for pests. “Cedar Oil Blend” did show promising signs that it too, has this effectiveness on bed bugs. More research is needed to confirm this, but ultimately we found this very surprising and unexpected

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