Wholesale distribution of natural, organic Cedar Oil products for agricultural use, home, yard, garden, and pet protection against pests

All-Inclusive -- Multi-Functional

We have 25 plus years of success in formulating hundreds of products utilizing our experience, technical staff and knowledge; we have created a very high tech product named SWCO Organic Soil Food . Over the years growers of plants in all green areas; agriculture, nurseries, turf, vegetables, fruit, ornamentals, shrubbery, and greenhouses to name a few, have always said ‘can’t we please place all of this great technology into one package so we can easily and efficiently apply the products without a lot of technical training and special instructions to our applicator personnel?’ The answer is yes, we have effectively accomplished this. We have been working on it for some time with very favorable and desired plus effects. SWCO Organic Soil Food was developed through our extraordinary and proprietary fermentation methods. We then added our own elite chelation delivery system. Our years of practice in encapsulating and protecting the energy and bios against premature release and consequential value losses make our product even more unique. Using our smart protective encapsulation method any and all biologicals, soil bacteria and fungi are also housed to help prevent premature activation. This extends shelf life and guards against the stresses caused during and after application to help ensure desired results. We include extracts of plants ‘nutracueticals’, botanicals, Neem oil, budding and flowering sea weed, complex sugars and proteins, organic carbons, inoculants, bio-organic extracts, numerous major and minor self-occurring elements, which unanimously, synergistically, and yes, complimentarily build this functional, fantastic product named SWCO Organic Soil Food Although the energy release level may be equivalent to a 08-08-08 product, SWCO Organic Soil Food should not be considered a plant food ingredient and is not a herbicide or pesticide.

For Full data sheet/information, click here (PDF, 684KB)

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